Ross Tibbles, Freelance Graphic Designer

With over 10 years of design experience I’m positive we can find the design solution for all your needs.
From branding and marketing material to small publications and much more.


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Who am I?

I am Ross Tibbles, born and bred in Devon, and have been practicing as a freelance graphic designer for over 10 years. During this time I’ve held lengthy contracts to do work with various well known companies such as Local World who publish a large number of the local newspapers in the South West including the Express and Echo, The Herald, The Cornish Guardian and more. While there my main responsibilities included advertising design and production of inhouse media for use at events and for marketing. 

More recently I’ve been working with The Moorlander, one of the only local newspapers in the country to have started in the last few years and continued to grow. I design the newspaper from cover to cover including many of the adverts that feature within. I’m proud to say that I had a hand in founding this newspaper with the experience learned from working at Local World, and with the help and knowledge of Stuart Clarke, a former fleet street photographer who’s images have graced countless publications around the world.

Outside of my responibilities with The Moorlander I fill my time with freelance work as varied and interesting as is possible with graphic design which is one reason I fell in love with the profession as you never know what you’ll be designing from one day to the next. One day I can be designing a logo for someone in construction, the next I could be doing anatomically correct dog illustrations for a pet physio company.

I look forward to working with you in the future to solve your design needs. 


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